What's Happening In My Garden!

Check back reguarly for updates about availabilty, progress and general information.

Spring over, Summer on it’s way!

I had a productive spring with a lovely crop of Tulips, Narcissus and Ranunculus - spring flowers are always so welcome after the grey of winter.

I’m busy potting on plants in the greenhouse and planting out in the garden. The summer flowers are starting - Geums, Orlaya, Clary Sage and Sweet Peas. I am enjoying seeing the first buds forming on the Cornflowers, Foxgloves and Aquilegia, so hopefully I will soon have a lovely selection of flowers.

I am delivering flowers to Suffolk Food Hall each Friday for sale over the weekend. They are a mixture of my own and other British grown flowers as I do not have enough of my own yet. Take a look next time you are there.